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Third-Party Negligence Claims

On-the-job injuries are especially dangerous when they occur on construction sites. If heavy equipment such as a crane is involved, the injuries may be catastrophic or fatal.

While you most likely can collect workers’ compensation benefits, you may also be entitled to damages from third parties such as subcontractors or manufacturers of defective equipment. The Donofrio Law Firm, PLLC, represents injured construction workers with third-party injury and wrongful death claims. For a free consultation with our New York crane accident lawyers, please call (516) 330-3687 or contact us online.

Equipment Failures and Operator Errors

Some of the most frequent causes of crane accidents and injuries include:

  • Being placed on an unstable surface
  • Accidental contact with power lines
  • Improper assembly or disassembly of the crane
  • Exceeding the crane’s load capacity
  • Workers being struck by the load

If a crane or other piece of equipment malfunctions and causes an injury, we can seek compensation from the manufacturer, distributor and retailer.

In addition to cranes, the heavy equipment used on construction sites can include excavators, pile drivers, dump trucks, bulldozers, trenchers, backhoes, drilling machines and others. These machines require training in order to operate them safely. It is not unusual, however, for poorly trained or inexperienced workers to cause accidents while operating heavy equipment. In a case such as this, we may be able to collect damages from the equipment operator’s employer.

We may also be able to hold contractors or subcontractors liable for inadequate equipment safety measures on the job site. When a construction vehicle causes an accident, the driver’s employer may be liable.

Long Island Heavy Equipment Injury Lawyers

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