If your long-term-disability insurance company denies you benefits should you hire a long term disability attorney?

Or should you fight it alone?

Prudence dictates that it is in your best interests to hire an attorney.

Insurance companies are notorious for being unjustly tough. Unlike Social Security disability claims, getting long term claims from insurance companies is no easy going task.

For one, insurance companies use surveillance tactics to investigate claims – especially the high value ones.

Yes, a long term disability attorney will tell you that a claim immediately opens up the possibility of close watch and investigation.

As one lawyer pointed out, “If your claim is based on inability to go to work, you can be videotaped whenever an investigator sees you commuting anywhere”.

Therefore claimants must be careful of their activities while the claim process is on.

This is not to say disability frauds are not existent.

Frauds are a major problem not only in the US but worldwide.  For many fraudulent people the allure of easy money is irresistible. They make attempts to get disability assistance from social security, insurance companies, and other institutions – and often succeed.

This is a key reason why insurance companies seem tough, often unreasonable, when claims come their way.

If an insurance company via surveillances tries to prove you are in fact not disabled, the road for you can be rough. The company will provide video tapes and other surveillance documents that will be difficult to deny.

Remember, if you are able to walk, drive, and perform many routine tasks, it does not mean you are disabled. Many legitimate medical conditions are not obvious enough.

As one well-know car accident attorney New York has commented, “There are many disabilities that are not immediately recognizable. An individual can be suffering from any of those”.

True, there are some common invisible disabilities such as:

  • Mental illness – Conditions like depression, schizophrenia, attention deficiency disorder can be very debilitating and can qualify for long term disability.
    • Chronic fatigue – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or CFS) is a disabling illness characterized by persistent physical and mental fatigue.
    • Chronic pain of various types – Back and joint pains, bone disease, and other physical injuries may not be noticeable but can be severely debilitating.
    • Vertigo or chronic dizziness: This is a dysfunction of the vestibular system. In severe cases a person can have Meniere’s disease or Vestibular neuritis which are incapacitating.

People fake injuries or illness, work while on disability, or continue to collect disability payments even after the condition is cured. Such fraudulent activities make insurance companies suspicious of all claims to start with.

But since your claim is genuine you need a strong long term disability attorney to fight your case. You must also remember that the insurance company can act sleazy by using in-house staffers of your doctor to review claims and build cases against you.

With so many odds pitted against you, there is no point in fighting claim denials alone. Get professional legal help. A long term disability attorney will work out a way in your favor.

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