Of the many types of insurance people buy, disability insurance is last on the priority list.

As one prominent injury lawyer in New York put it, “Consumers often overlook disability insurance, simply because no one thinks about the worst”.

“Yet the fact is, it is the long term disability claim that comes to a person’s rescue if the worst happens”, he adds.

Most people either neglect or underestimate the risks of becoming disabled sometimes in their lives.  This is odd, because the benefits are obvious – it pays the consumer some portion of his or her salary.

However, let us not chide the consumers altogether. The disability insurance is expensive (approx $ 18 per $ 1000 coverage) with a 90 day waiting period before the coverage kicks in. Contrast this with employer insurance and group polices that are, at ~ 22 cents per $ 1000 far cheaper.

Long term disability insurance provides a continuing source of income if a serious accident, injury or illness occurs. It does not matter who was at fault as long as the injury is preventing the individual from working.

However getting due benefits in the event of suffering long term disability may not be always easy.

Moreover, according to a study insurance companies prevent 25% to 33% of people aged 65-75 from taking long term care policies due to apparently inexplicable reasons.

Any injury disrupts a person’s daily routine. However, serious injuries such as those related to brain (Traumatic Brain Injury), amputation or spinal cord damage can leave a person debilitated for life.

Many victims of personal injury claim short term disability benefits because their claims are denied by the insurers for different reasons:

  •  The claim does not contain proper documentation of the injury the way it is needed in the policy
    •    The injury or illness does not meet the requirements stipulated in the policy
    •    The claimant delayed making the claim

In most cases the victims are justified in asking for their due claim, but are denied because of the intricacies and complex language of the insurance policies.

This goes to prove that people need legal help.

If you are looking for an injury lawyer in New York, the legal firm in all probability also specializes as long term disability lawyers. In other words, the attorney helps clients win long term disability claims.

It is unfortunate that even though long term disability benefits are designed to help maintain financial stability of the victims, the rightful claims are denied for apparently illogical reasons.

Both private insurers and government agencies initially reject disability claims and make it a very arduous task to pursue a claim. Factually, it is possible for the disabled individual to file his or her application and pursue the case. However, such an act can be risky and counter – productive.

A competent injury lawyer in New York knows how to maximize the long term disability settlement even though it is a complex task. Handling such cases require skill, knowledge and experience, qualities an individual does not have to pursue his case on his own.

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