You never know when you will have to hire a car accident attorney in New York. Accidents are part and parcel of modern-day life. When an accident happens, the first instinct of every driver is to blame the other. What they do not know is that certain things are beyond the control of human beings, and accidents do occur however hard the drivers concentrate.

That is the reason why most governments make vehicle insurance compulsory and also why most people opt to pay a premium for an accident insurance policy. While getting involved in an accident is one of the worst things to happen in one’s life, the attitude of the insurance company in settling the claims can appear to be worse and more painful than the actual accidents.

Why hiring the right attorney is important

After an accident, the insurance companies do not take into consideration, the seriousness of injury or the financial position of the clients. They just consider their profits. They offer a sum that would make their profits look better. In essence, that means, you will possibly get the lowest amount that you are entitled to. The role of car accident attorney New York, or any other city for that matter, is to right the wrong. They will make the insurance company pay a deserving compensation to the accident victim.

Not all attorneys are equally capable. If the right lawyer is not selected, you may not get the desired result. The following are some tips to choose the best attorney. It involves four questions: viz., is the attorney:

1.Capable of handling such cases?
2.Reputable enough to get a favourable claim without taking it to trial?
3.Capable of getting the claims quickly?
4.Client friendly?


Good attorneys do not succeed just by the gift of the gab. They should have a thorough understanding of the the law, rulings, and the result of previous cases in their specific area of specialization. Never hire a lawyer just by their appearance. Always ask some questions and check with others about the lawyer’s capability before hiring the attorney.


Reputation matters for accident attorneys. Experienced and smart attorneys will be firm in their demands, but flexible enough to see the reason. They will calculate the time lag that will happen if the case is taken to the trial stage. They will agree for a before-the-trial agreement, allowing for some minor discounts in compensation. For this to happen, the attorney on your side must have excellent reputation.

Quick claims

It is important to check the results of the attorney, even in the cases of hiring a long term disability insurance attorney. You must check not just the number of favourable results, but how quickly the attorney has managed to get the claims. The quicker the claims are, the better will be the attorney.

Customer friendly

A good attorney, whether it is a long term disability insurance attorney or a car accident attorney New York, always treats the clients politely and with empathy. It will reflect not just in their day to day behaviour but also in the fees they charge.

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