Construction workers often work in challenging circumstances and risky situations. In spite of the stringent legal requisites for security measures, accidents do happen. As the data released by the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) for various years show, accidents at construction sites have become unavoidable. Victims of these accidents suffer unquantifiable damage, but often they get a paltry sum as compensation. Only a top construction accident attorney New York, or from any other state, can help the victims or their families to get the right compensation.
For the sake of simplicity, let us take the case of New York, which many believe is the hub of construction activity in the country. The New York Labor Law and personal injury law have provisions to ensure a good compensation for the accident victims in construction sites. However, it will be very hard to get high compensation without the help of a lawyer. Here are some ways in which a construction accident attorney New York can help one to get the maximum claims.
Finding faults
It is not like a person injured in a construction accident can easily get claim just by approaching a court or by serving legal notice to the opposite party. One will have to establish who is at fault. An experienced attorney will not need much time in establishing who is at fault in construction activities. If it is a natural accident caused by the carelessness of the victim, then the court is likely to reject it.
The court looks at these matters in the light of Labor Laws, Sections 200, 240 and 241(6), and personal injury laws. It is the job of the contractors or construction work owners to ensure maximum safety of the workplace. In addition, there are specific OSHA guidelines regarding steps to ensure workplace safety. These are very strict measures that can eliminate most of the possibilities of accidents.
In practice, it is common to find that these measures are violated. Often, contractors and land owners are either ignorant about these measures or do not care much. They tend to have a false belief in the safety measures they have adopted. In addition, strictly maintaining all the OSHA-recommended safety measures can be a costly practice.
An ordinary construction worker may not know whether the contractor or land owner has violated the Labor Laws or OSHA guidelines. Only the experienced slip and fall lawyers New York can find it. The attorney can establish who or what is at fault.
Right compensation
After the physical and psychological effects of an accident are over, what really matters is how much compensation the victim gets. The higher the compensation, the better it is for the victim. If the victim does not hire the best lawyer available, s/he is not going to get the maximum possible compensation.
A court determines the compensation based on the nature of the task, seriousness of the injury, seriousness of the lapse in security and safety measures, and how much the injury has affected the earning potential of the victim. A top construction accident attorney in New York can stitch together all these things to ensure a hefty compensation for the victim.

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