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Was Your Claim Denied?

The insurance industry is notorious for denying claims in the hope that the policyholder will not appeal the denial. And it is true that many people are afraid to fight insurance companies or become frustrated and give up. That is why you need an experienced attorney to fight the company on your behalf.

The Donofrio Law Firm, PLLC, does not let insurance companies get away with denying valid claims. Our attorneys have more than 15 years of experience with long-term disability insurance claim denials. With our experience and our reputation as aggressive litigators, we have achieved successful outcomes for numerous clients. For a free consultation with our New York long-term disability insurance denial lawyers, please call (516) 330-3687 or contact us online.

How We Can Help

Many professionals, business owners and physicians purchase long-term disability insurance policies to protect themselves in the event of a debilitating illness or injury. The premiums for these policies are very expensive because they protect significant incomes. Policyholders expect that their insurance carrier will pay valid claims, but all too often receive denials instead.

The insurance company may try various tactics to deny a claim such as getting a doctor to state that you are not disabled and can return to work. Another tactic is to deny benefits for the injury or illness that is preventing you from working. Conditions that are difficult to diagnose such as chronic fatigue syndrome and depression may be denied.

As your attorneys, we will carefully review your policy to determine whether your condition is covered. We can also help you gather the necessary medical evidence to prove that your injury or illness is disabling. Our experience with all types of injury claims means that we know how to work with doctors and medical experts to demonstrate the extent and effects of a medical condition.

Long Island Long-Term Disability Claim Denial Lawyers

If negotiations are not sufficient, we can take your case to trial. To schedule a free consultation, please call our New York offices at (516) 330-3687 today.


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