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We trust nursing homes to provide competent care for elderly, ill and vulnerable patients. When a facility or staff member fails to provide the accepted standard of care, however, the result may be serious injury or wrongful death.

At the Donofrio Law Firm, PLLC, we take nursing home neglect and abuse cases very seriously. There is no excuse for substandard care or deliberate abuse. Our attorneys can investigate the circumstances of your loved one’s injury or death. When nursing home and/or staff negligence is the cause, we can hold the responsible parties liable for their actions. For a free consultation with our New York nursing home abuse lawyers, please call (516) 330-3687 or contact us online.

Staffing Problems Cause Many Injuries

Understaffing, lack of staff supervision, poor training and low pay are common staff issues in many nursing homes. Nursing home staff turnover is typically very high, which means many staff members are inexperienced as well. If the staff members are overworked, underpaid and inexperienced, the potential for neglect or intentional abuse increases.

Nursing home neglect is a failure to provide basic services such as proper medical care, adequate supervision, food and clothing, and shelter. Negligence by the facility or staff is responsible for the majority of injuries to residents. A few of the injuries and illnesses that occur because of negligence include:

  • Bedsores (decubitus ulcers, pressure point sores)
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Falls causing fractures, broken hips or brain injuries
  • Injuries suffered when residents are allowed to wander off
  • Complications from medication errors

Nursing home abuse is an intentional act of cruelty such as withholding food or water, improperly using restraints, making threats or stealing from residents. We have experience pursuing claims of mental, physical and sexual abuse.

Long Island Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers

We can seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. To schedule a free consultation, please call our New York offices at (516) 330-3687 today.


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