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Representing Individual Policyholders

Private long-term disability insurance is often purchased by individuals with significant incomes such as brokers, architects, commodities traders, attorneys, business owners and executives. To protect their income in the event they cannot work due to illness or injury, these policyholders pay premiums in the thousands of dollars.

When the insurance company denies a valid claim, the policyholder needs an advocate who can fight the company successfully. At the Donofrio Law Firm, PLLC, we have more than 15 years of experience with long-term disability insurance claims. Our reputation as aggressive trial lawyers gives us an advantage in settlements and in the courtroom. For a free consultation with our New York private long-term disability lawyers, please call (516) 330-3687 or contact us online.

Private Policyholders Have Rights

If a policyholder is severely injured or ill and unable to work for an extended period, long-term disability insurance is supposed to cover loss of income and business expenses. In most cases, the injury or illness does not have to be work related. Depending on the specifics of the policy, you may be covered for physical and mental illnesses that prevent you from working.

Unfortunately, many private policyholders find that it is difficult to collect benefits. Insurance companies routinely deny claims in an attempt to reduce their costs. If your claim has been denied, contact us. Our experienced attorneys can review your policy and your claim, and suggest a course of action. When litigation is in your best interests, you can rely on our skill in the courtroom.

Long Island Private Long-Term Disability Denial Lawyers

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