Before you start looking for a long term disability insurance attorney, it is important to know what long term disability insurance actually means. It is a private insurance policy that provides you with an alternative income if you are unable to work because of your injuries.

You can purchase a long term disability insurance policy from an insurance agent or your employer may offer this as a part of your benefits package. Long term disability insurance is different from disability benefits that may be available through your employer’s pension plan.

Insurance Companies May Not Treat Your Case Impartially

Disability claims with the federal government, also known as Social Security disability, can be expected to come through quickly because they work within a system and have to deliver results within a time frame. But you cannot expect the same efficiency and impartiality from long term disability insurance companies.

The insurance firms will try every trick in the book to frustrate you in the hope that you will eventually crumble and give up. It is a fact that most of the claimants accept the crumbs thrown at them by powerful insurance companies because they are either afraid or do not have the resources to fight influential companies. You need the services of a proven long term disability insurance attorney to take them head-on.

You must know that it is critical to take the advice of a professional attorney even before you file for claims because insurance companies can play dirty right at the onset and trick you into signing documents which can dilute your claims. They have the expertise and the experience to trick you into believing that you are getting a good bargain when you actually end up with a fraction of what you really deserve. An experienced long term disability insurance attorney can spot their tricks from a mile and caution you about such lowly moves.

Which Laws Govern Your Claims?

It is important to know the laws that govern your long term disability insurance policy. If it comes from your employer, your policy will be governed by a federal law in all probability. If you have purchased your policy separately, it may be governed by the laws of the state you reside in. This difference can make an impact on the final outcome when you try to file claims for long term disability insurance.

Proficient New York personal injury lawyers specialized in long term disability insurance laws can help you with the right legal counseling and advice that’s specific to your claims situation. The lawyers understand that long term disability insurance companies are running a business and like any other business; their ultimate objective is to make profits. Approving each and every claim will not help them do that. They deny many valid long term disability claims in the hope that these individuals will not pursue their claims any further.

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