They say anyone who slips and falls on the snow on public property is having bad luck.

How true! The legal community has given the public agencies and municipalities immunity from dangers caused by weather or otherwise.

The result is slip and fall lawsuits are rare, especially against towns and cities. This fact is more or less accepted in all cities as per slip and fall lawyers New York included.

When a snowfall does happen the onus is on the public.

The public is often bound by the declared rule – “The travelling conditions following a snowfall are obvious to the public. People must commute only if necessary, by accepting that risks are inherent.”

But what about private property?

Is a property owner required to shovel ice from the sidewalk to prevent a possible snow suit?

We may never really know the truth.

So it is tough going for pedestrians. But not really.  As per slip and fall lawyers, New York municipalities have ordinances requiring property owners to shovel sidewalks within as early as 24 hours.

All this goes to prove that if you suffer an injury because of a slip you can certainly seek legal help.

Even public property is not immune to this, say lawyers. But it takes an enormously tough situation to overcome the legal hurdles.

In reality, accidents on account of slip and falls are very common. The resultant injuries can be varied, ranging from simple bruises to life-threatening head and spinal injury.

A majority of such types of mishaps happen at public places.

As per slip and fall lawyers, New York as well as other metros and towns have all sorts of risks. There are plenty of wet floors that have not been cleaned in time, as also ladders and staircases badly designed, loose cables, pot holes, and unevenly paved roads.

In each instance, finding out who is responsible is a challenging task that can only be settled by personal injury lawyers.

The public must understand that obstacles must not come in the way of seeking redress. If a grievous injury occurs, the victim can be incapacitated for a few weeks or for a much greater period resulting in a loss of earnings. Getting a justified compensation is a matter of right.

As revealed by slip and fall lawyers New York lately has been seeing more and more people seeking compensation for injuries which they believe have been caused by someone else.

Unsurprisingly, the personal injury compensation business has grown rapidly in the recent years. With this growth we are also witnessing a lot of people attempting to seek frivolous claims they are not entitled to. Naturally we cannot blame the insurance companies if they are excessively cautious in dealing with claims.

Such a scenario warrants that genuine claimants must seek expert legal help. If a mishap has occurred at a workplace consult a construction accident attorney New York has many good firms.

Who is liable and what is reasonable compensation are issues only lawyers can answer.

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