Have you or your loved ones suffered serious injuries in a car accident because of the negligence of others? Are you being denied your rightful claim for compensation by unscrupulous lawyers? You need the guidance of the best accident lawyer New York to ensure receiving the compensation you need.

Under the insurance law of New York, your medical bills and lost wages must be paid and compensated by the insurance company that has insured the car you were in while the accident occurred. Similarly, if you were a pedestrian hit by a car or any other vehicle, the insurance firm of that vehicle is liable for compensation. The unfortunate part is these benefits do not accrue to you automatically. Insurance companies try to explore every possible opportunity and exploit the minutest of loopholes to deny your rightful claims. An experienced car accident lawyer New York can help you fight for justice.

Understanding New York Accident Laws Better

Unfortunately, many of those who have suffered serious personal injuries in car accidents are victims of inadequate insurance coverage. This situation occurs where the person who is responsible for causing the car accident or the truck accident has only a minimum policy. A good accident lawyer New York will explore the availability of supplementary underinsured benefits. According to New York insurance rules, the minimum insurance requirement is $25,000 of liability insurance. This is clearly woefully inadequate for a victim who suffers from serious injuries like a fracture or a dislocation which may require surgery to be set right.

Comprehending accident laws can be a complex task because there are various aspects to be considered before the court decides one way or the other. Ignorance or misinterpretation of laws can result in your being deprived of compensation for the grievous injures you or your loved ones have suffered. That’s why you need expert attorneys to guide you. With their experience of handling various types of New York accident cases, they will know how to negotiate the best settlement or take your case to trial for better results.

What’s Your Role?

Regardless of whether an accident is major or minor, it is imperative to report to the police. It is equally important to notify your insurance company immediately for further instructions. It is very likely that your insurance firm will to delay, dilute, and even deny claims if you don’t report the accident immediately.

Most insurance firms are notorious for their stalling ways and try to wear you down. A precarious financial situation and the uncertainty that surround you can make you settle for much less that what you case is worth. This is a game most insurance companies are expert at playing and they win it most of the times.

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