If you plan to get employment in America, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the various immigration laws that govern your area of work or your profession. You will find the services of reputable immigration lawyers New York City invaluable in understanding the specific areas of the immigration laws better.

April 1, 2013 is the first day when prospective H-1B petitioning employers and prospective H-1B employees will be able to apply to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) for Labor Condition Applications (LCA) and H-1B visa petitions for employment in the fiscal 2013-2014 year. Are you aware of the documentation processes and the application procedures? If not, you must make a fast move now to connect with the best immigration lawyers New York City to know whether you are eligible to begin your employment.

Get a Broader Understanding of the Laws that Affect Your Work Directly

There are serious attempts being made to redefine what constitutes guest workers and also to revamp the methods to determine how many should be allowed in. The U.S. business and labor groups are working out new proposals that look like a broad departure from earlier legislative approaches. The issue has remained one of the most contentious immigration laws and previous attempts to simplify the process of hiring provisional workers each year to work on farms, and seasonal occupational opportunities has not taken off.

If you are planning to work in the U.S. in general and the New York City specifically, you must have a broader understanding of the present and developing laws and situations. Using the services of proficient and experienced New York immigration lawyers can help you avoid the hassles and potentially problematic situations.

Be at the Right Side of the Law, Know What’s Illegal for Immigrants

Some critical aspects of the U.S. immigration laws are that it is illegal to enter the United States without permission. The first time an illegal immigrant is caught in the U.S., it is treated as a misdemeanor civil offense. However, the second time the offender is charged with felony. It is also against the immigration laws to overstay a visa issued by the U.S. Government and unlawful for an employer to hire illegal immigrants even after their illegal status is known. Knowing the changing immigration laws that apply to your profession is important to remain on the right side of the law and avoid legal hassles.

Your best bet is finding a New York City based immigration law firm with a brilliant track record of fighting successfully for the cause of immigrants who have been affected by the complex and confusing U.S. immigration laws. The present federal law system presents intimidating challenges and complex regulations which can be tough to understand and decipher for a common man.

A law firm that is focused primarily on complex immigration cases can help you find jobs by correctly interpreting the laws that favor your situation and exploring all the legal options available to get you justice. Make sure you deal with the best immigration lawyers New York City for best results. When required, choose the best known accident attorney New York who has been fighting cases of immigration workers suffering injuries at their workplace. Choose a legal firm which is committed to helping workers who have been victims of negligence, discrimination, and corporate greed.


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