A worse thing than meeting with an accident is to hire a wrong car accident lawyer in New York. The accident law changes subtlety from state to state. The New York accident law is somewhat different in certain aspects from that of the other states. So, the first thing you must know is to hire a lawyer who has sound knowledge of the accident law in New York. It is better not to hire those who are proficient only in the accident law of other states, but always make sure that they hire a lawyer who is an expert in dealing with the law in New York.

Finding a great accident lawyer in New York is not the only thing one must do. The following are the steps that you must follow in order to get the desired results.

Find a lawyer immediately

It is in the best interests of the victims of accidents to find a lawyer immediately. If the victim is not in a physically stable condition to do that, a trusted friend, relative, or colleague must do it for him. Many a time, valuable information has been lost because of delayed approaches.

Insurance companies try everything at their disposal to minimize the claim. If the lawyer presents a water-tight case, the insurance companies have no other way than offering the maximum possible claim. If the car accident lawyer in New York gets to know about the accident at the earliest, he or she can interact with the police on behalf of the victim. It often makes a difference between a favourable police report and a hostile report.

There is also the need to arrange witnesses if the case goes to trial. Prior intimation will allow the attorneys to find witnesses and record their full statements. With time, it could become difficult to find witnesses. Even if an attorney manages to find the witnesses, their memory might contradict their statements, which could prove disastrous for the case.

Skilful lawyers

The New York accident law has provisions to offer compensation on two counts. First is for covering the direct and tangible costs such as expenses for medical treatment, hospital stay, and injury care. The second is for less tangible and indirect, for instance, how much the injury caused by the accident limits the future earning potential of the victim.

The costs of injury care have standard rates. The amount will be on the lower side and insurance companies would love to pay the amount. The bulk of the compensation lies on the second part – on determining how much the injury has affected the earning potential of the accident victim.

This is where a skilful car accident lawyer in New York comes into play. Such lawyers know how to establish the case and claims on the basis of past earnings and realistic income forecasts. In the hands of a less skilful lawyer, the amount is almost certain to go down. Insurance companies too engage knowledgeable attorneys. You need a top lawyer on your side to counter their arguments.

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